Laser Hair Removal

Isn't it time to stop shaving? There's laser now that can help you lose the hair permanently.

Laser hair removal is here. Stop the endless hassles with shaving. Eliminate hair in just about any area, permanently.

Get Laser Hair Removal in Kenosha at Nirvana Med Spa

Laser hair removal is one of the few treatments on themarket that can help permanently remove hair. The treatment is safe to use on various hair types and skin. Here at Nirvana Med Spa Kenosha, Wisconsin,we use Cynosure®Icon™ the most effective laser for laser hair removal. When you come in for a consultation, we will evaluate your skin to see if you’rethe perfect candidate. Call today to schedule your consultation with our specialized skin experts.

Smoother, Hairless Skin is Possible with the Cynosure Icon Laser

No More Razor Burn or Bumps

Aren't you tired of razor burn, strawberry skin and in-grown hairs?

No More Shaving or Waxing

No more buying shavers, cuts that hurt or painful waxing.

Quick Procedure, Less Than 15 Minutes

Laser hair removal treatment is quick and the procedure generally lasts about 15 minutes.

Save Money Over Time

Over time, you'll save money in not having to buy over the counter products such as shavers and blades to continue to shave.

Areas that Can Be Treated with Laser Hair Removal

Here at Nirvana, we can treat the face, torso, arms,bikini, and legs.


Cynosure®Icon™ rejuvenates skin by using a technique called fractional resurfacing to deliver high precision microbeams into the skin, creating deep, narrow columns of skinc oagulation to improve cell turnover. The body’s natural healing process will begin to grow new collagen and elastin cells improving the look of finelines, wrinkles, and scars.


Cynosure®Icon™ can be used to treat acne scars, stretch marks, and thin scars on any part of the body. The laser will stimulate collagen and elastin cells togenerate new cell growth to improve the look of the skin. Multiple sessions will be needed to improve the look of scars on any body part.


Cynosure®Icon™ can be used to treat a variety of lesions on the skin such as age spots,sunspots, and freckles.


The heat from Cynosure® Icon™’s laser will get absorbed by the pigmented cells and causethem to come up to the surface. Where the body will naturally dispose of themwith other dead skin cells.

After the laser session, the treated lesions will look darker and will flake off naturally. Smaller spots can be treated with one session while, larger, darker spots will need more than one session to completely remove the dark skin cells. During the consultation, we will go over the number of sessions needed.


During the consultation, we will go over the vein and determine if the small facial veins can be removed using a laser or go over different treatment options. Depending on where the vein is located, we will determine the best treatment possible.

How does the laser stop the hair from growing?

Cynosure®Icon™ will stop hair from growing by damaging the hair by the root. Every time the laser passes by the hair it will focus on the pigment inthe hair shaft and damage the follicle. Since hair grows in different cycles to perfectly target the hair follicles completely, the laser has a better chanceof targeting the follicle in the first stage of hair growth. Hair grows in 3 cycles, anagen (beginning stage), catagen (middle-stage), and telogen (laststage.) The hair will no longer grow in that area since it was destroyed in the first stage of growth.

What can I expect after a session?

After a session, the skin will feel slightly tender like a mild sunburn occurred. We recommend putting aloe vera gel to soothe the skin.Within a few days, the damaged hair will begin to fall off and no hair will be visible for 2 weeks. We recommend scheduling sessions 1 month a part to perfectly target the next cycle of hair that is growing.

Will the procedure be painful?

The procedure will not be painful. Most patients say the laser feels like a rubber band snap. Every individual’s tolerance level might be different. Our laser has a cooling mechanism that blows cool air every time the laser gets activated. If a patient feels like they might need a numbing agent,we also carry numbing gel and ice to make the procedure feel more comfortable.

How many sessions do I need?

Every individual may need a different amount of sessions but on average most patients need six sessions. The amount of sessions needed depends on hair thickness and density; individuals who have thicker, coarse hair might benefit from 10 sessions. During the consultation, we will evaluate the area and determine how many sessions are needed.

What should I know before and after the treatment?


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